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How to replace the KTM LC4 microfilter 58038044000

For riders of the KTM LC4 Super Competition and SXC models, it has unfortunately been a nagging issue for years: the original KTM microfilter (KTM part number 58038044000) is no longer available, and even major oil filter manufacturers such as Hiflo do not have a replacement in their range. We will show you today what your options are. 

Unfortunately, the supply problem with the KTM microfilter, affectionately referred to by fans as the "toilet roll", has been going on for several years. The tip of the iceberg can be seen where some Ebay sellers are trying to make a profit from the plight of LC4 riders who are still riding. The microfilters, which once cost only a few euros, are now being offered for more than 100 euros. So that you don't have to rely on them, we have listed the best-known alternatives and our favourite for you.

Replica oil filter

Happily, there is now the possibility of purchasing replica oil filters from small series production in the exact dimensions. The advantage is obvious - they fit exactly and without modification into the original oil filter housing. The paper filter material differs from the original winding of the microfilter, but also offers a large filter surface and maximum filtration power. The replica microfilter is our clear recommendation for the continued operation of the small oil circuit. The only disadvantage: compared to large-series oil filters, they are slightly more expensive (2-3€).

Our recommendation

Buy a high-quality aftermarket filter or complete oil filter kits and oil change sets

Microfilter replacement suitable for KTM 400 600 620 LC4 (small oil circuit)
Exactly fitting replacement oil filter, suitable for KTM 400 540 620 LC4 with small oil circuit and micro filter (replaces the OE filter with the comparison number 58038044000). The oil filter was built exactly for the housing dimensions of the microfilter housing, so that no modifications are necessary for installation. The oil filter comes with a modern metal housing and high quality paper filter element with maximum filter area


Selfmade oil filters

It is possible to replace the KTM LC4 microfilter with a suitable mass-produced oil filter by, for example, gluing on felt rings to fit the housing. It is essential to use a silicone adhesive to ensure that it is heat-resistant and does not come off at higher oil temperatures and possibly mix with the oil.

Washable permanent filters

An American supplier offered a microfilter replacement with a stainless steel frame, which was a washable permanent filter. We cannot say anything about the filter efficiency (especially after a few washes), but the comparatively high price and the cumbersome handling are a deterrent. 

No oil filter

Driving without an oil filter is unfortunately not a good idea, we must advise against it in any case. The oil filter represents an important resistance in the oil circuit, without which pressure conditions in the lubrication system can change significantly. Without a filter, there is a risk of considerable engine damage in the worst case.