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Right oil change on your Fantic XMF 125 or XEF 125

The oil change on a Fantic XMF and XEF 125 is an important maintenance procedure that should be carried out regularly to ensure optimum engine performance and longevity. In this guide, we will show you step by step how to change the oil on your Fantic. 

Before you start changing the oil, you will need the correct oil and oil filter for your Fantic. You can either purchase these individually or in one of our practical oil filter or oil change kits, which already contain the right seals and oil.

For the oil change of your Fantic XEF/XMF 125

Motorex Engine Oil Formula 4T 10W/40 1l
High-quality semi-synthetic engine oil for 4-stroke motorbikes in the usual best Motorex quality. Provides good protection of the engine, transmission and clutch in all areas Designed for models with fuel-injected engines and with catalytic converter Optimum cold-start properties Temperature resistant Specifications: JASO MA2 T903:2006; API SL, SJ, SH, SG About Motorex Motorex is a Swiss premium oil manufacturer which was founded in 1917. Known for some of the highest quality oils on the market, Motorex is represented in more than 85 countries worldwide and works with countless motorbike manufacturers and racing divisions. Environmental information and disposal:After use, motor oils should be disposed of at a used oil collection point. For proper disposal, you can send us your used oil up to the quantity you purchased from us (according to the invoice) for free and proper disposal or hand it in personally (arrange an appointment in advance). The oil must be returned in its original or equivalent packaging, without any foreign substances such as brake fluids, coolants or solvents. As Altoel is a dangerous good, there are special shipping regulations! The costs for this are to be borne by the purchaser. Improper disposal of aluminium oil endangers the environment!


Engine oil maintenance intervals

The Fantic XMF and XEM 125 models require fresh oil on a regular basis. The first oil change is scheduled after a 500 km break-in period, subsequent oil changes should be carried out at intervals of 3,000 km

Checking the oil level

The engine oil level of your Fantic XMF or XEM 125 should also be checked regularly outside of the oil change. Unscheduled oil consumption is often the first sign of engine wear, ignoring it can cause premature engine damage.

To check the engine oil level, unscrew the engine oil filler plug, wipe it clean and put it back in. With the Fantic engine, the filler plug should not be screwed in for measuring, but only pushed on. If the engine oil level is between the minimum and maximum markings, everything is in the green zone. Check the engine oil level when the engine is warm

Tools needed

You only need a few tools to change the engine oil on your Fantic. It is important that you have a flat surface on which you can safely park the motorbike. Especially when filling the oil, a level stand is important for reading the correct oil level, so a good motorbike stand is recommended. 
In addition, you will need: 
  • 1l engine oil, e.g. Motorex Formula 10W/40 4T
  • an oil filter
  • seal rings for oil drain plug and oil filter cap
  • collection tank for engine oil
  • tool for loosening/fitting the oil filter cap and oil drain plug
  • Recommended: Gloves - oil irritates the skin, oil-resistant mechanic's gloves are recommended

Step 1: Drain engine oil

The engine should be at operating temperature when you drain the engine oil. It is best to warm up the engine briefly, just a few kilometres will do. If you try to change the oil when the engine is cold, the oil will be much thicker and oil residues and impurities will remain in the engine. 
After warming up, carry out the following work step by step: 
  1. Park the motorbike on a level surface. A secure footing is essential to avoid environmental damage. The oil drain plug is located centrally under the engine casing and must not be hidden by a stand or the like. 
  2. Drain the oil completely. To do this, place the oil collection container under the oil drain plug and remove the oil drain plug. To drain the motorbike completely, also remove the oil filler plug and hold the motorbike level for 1-2 minutes in the meantime. 

Step 2: Change the oil filter kit

The next step is to change the oil filter and the sealing rings (included in our oil filter and oil change kits). First clean the oil drain plug and fit it with a new O-ring, the tightening torque is 32 Nm. This is located on the right-hand side of the engine behind the oil filter cover, the three screws of which you loosen for this purpose. Again, make sure that no used oil gets into the environment; you can place the oil collection container underneath. The oil filter cover should never be tilted, as it can easily be damaged. After removing the oil filter, clean the oil filter cover, insert the new O-ring and the new oil filter and refit the oil filter cover. The tightening torque of the oil filter cover is 10 Nm according to the manual

Step 3: Fill in oil

The oil change of your Fantic requires exactly one litre of oil according to the manual. Fill the oil through the oil filler plug, but first make sure that you have carried out the previous steps and refitted the oil filter cap and oil drain plug. 
Then check the oil level of the motorbike, tighten the oil filler plug and let the motorbike idle for a few minutes. Make sure that no oil leaks out. Afterwards, check the engine oil level again and reset the oil change interval indicator if necessary. 


Engine oils belong in a waste oil collection point after use. For professional disposal, you can send us your used oil up to the amount you purchased from us (according to the invoice) for free and professional disposal or hand it in personally (arrange an appointment in advance). The return shipment must be made in the original or equivalent packaging without the addition of foreign substances such as brake fluids, coolants or solvents. As waste oil is hazardous material, special shipping regulations apply! The costs for this shall be borne by the buyer. Improper disposal of waste oil endangers the environment! Care must be taken to ensure proper handling during the oil change. It is imperative that an oil change is carried out professionally in order to avoid environmental damage. If you are not sure how to carry out the oil change, contact a specialist workshop.