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KTM 620 640 LC4 96-06 Oil temperature direct gauge JMP 23x3,00mm white
JMP direct oil temperature gauge as a replacement for the original KTM 620 640 LC4 oil dipstick from 1996 (KTM item number 58330020144). The oil dipstick has an analogue display for measuring the oil temperature to give an impression of the oil temperature when riding. Problems in the engine cooling system can thus possibly be detected in time before engine damage occurs. The air bubble in the sight glass ensures the expansion of the sensing oil when it warms up and is indispensable for its functionality. Please note that the measuring probe is only wetted with centrifuged oil. The oil thermometer can therefore be an indicator of the oil temperature, but will not always give the most accurate readings. The original oil filler plug must be replaced by the direct oil temperature gauge