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Motorex Coolant M5.0 Coolant 1l
A nitrite-, phosphate- and amine-free antifreeze based on ethylene glycol. It meets the strictest requirements of various manufacturers of modern, high-performance engines. 85T8-2, ASTM 3306 , BS 6580, SAE J1034 Note on the Altoelverordnung (ALTOeLV)According to the Altoelverordnung §8 AltoelV, we are obliged to take back used combustion engine oils, transmission oils, oil filters and oil-containing waste regularly produced during oil changes free of charge, up to the quantity supplied to you as the end consumer in the individual case.  

Motorex Coolant M3.0 Coolant 1l
Coolant from Motorex for modern engines, but especially for highly loaded aluminium engines. Pre-mixed cooling protection on ethylene glycol basis. Excellent protection against frost, corrosion, limescale and overheating Silicate, nitrite, amine, borate and phosphate free