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Dellorto PHM Carburettor Jet Needle K51
Original Dellorto carburettor jet needle PHM 38 40 SD carburettor.

Dellorto Carburettor Gas Slide Inner Part
Original Dellorto throttle slide inner part...

Dellorto Carburettor Gas Slide Spring PHM 40
Original Dellorto gas slide spring for Dellorto PHM carburettor.

Dellorto carburettor needle nozzle DR 272
Original Dellorto needle nozzle DR 272.

Dellorto carburettor float axle
Original Dellorto float axle for PHM carburettor.

Dellorto carburettor mixture coil spring
Original Dellorto mixture coil spring.

Dellorto carburettor choke piston spring
Original Dellorto choke piston spring.

Dellorto Carburettor Float Chamber Plug
Original Dellorto float chamber plug / drain plug.

Dellorto float 6.5g PHM 40 SD carburettor
Float for Dellorto PHM Vegaser in 6,5g version.

Dellorto choke top PHM 38 40 41 carburettor
Original Dellorto choke top for PHM 38 40 and 41 carburettors.

Dellorto Starter Nozzle 45 PHM PHF PHBE PHBH PHBL Carburettor
Original Dellorto starter nozzle in size 45.

Dellorto PHM carburettor fuel connection metal 7.5 mm
Original Dellorto fuel connector metal 7,5 mm suitable for Dellorto PHM 40 SD carburettor.

Dellorto choke piston for PHM / PHBH / PHBE / PHBL / PHSB / PHF carburettors
Original Dellorto choke piston.

Dellorto mixture screw 33mm M7x0,75
Original Dellorto mixture control screw for PHM carburettor.

Dellorto main nozzle holder 17mm long
Original Dellorto main throttle body in 17mm length for Dellorto PHM 38/40 carburettor.

Dellorto Needle Valve 300 PHF PHM PHBH PHBE PHSB
New original Dellorto needle valve for Dellorto PHM PHF PHBH PHBE PHSB carburettors.