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Taking back used rechargeable batteries and batteries

1 Information on the environment and disposal
1.1 Taking back used rechargeable batteries and batteries
Our obligation as a dealer to take back batteries:
As a dealer, we are legally obliged to take back batteries and rechargeable batteries purchased from us free of charge. Please accept this offer and help to keep our environment clean.
Your return obligation as a consumer:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste. Since 1998, the Battery Ordinance obliges all citizens to dispose of used batteries and accumulators exclusively via the trade or the collection points specially set up for this purpose. If you wish to return your batteries and rechargeable batteries to us, please ensure that the shipment is sufficiently stamped.
Batteries are marked with the symbol and one of the chemical symbols
Cd (=battery contains cadmium),
Hg (=battery contains mercury) or
Pb (=battery contains lead).
1.2 Old electrical appliances do not belong in household waste
Since 24 March 2006, old electrical appliances may not be disposed of in household waste. The regulation applies to all electronic and electrical appliances, from electric toothbrushes to home tanning beds, from washing machines to digital cameras, no matter how old. Illuminants, fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps are also included.
The appliances are taken back free of charge by cities and municipalities. They are taken back at collection points or even offered for collection. As a rule, existing collection systems (e.g. recycling centres, bulky waste collection) are used.